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Business of Birthing
The Business of Being Born Now available for rent on Netflix. A "Must See" for expectant families. "Compelled to explore the subject after the delivery of her first child, actress Ricki Lake recruits filmmaker Abby Epstein to question the way American women have babies.

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Bonnie Miller
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Servicing Southeastern Michigan

My Background

Bonnie and Luke - 07 1965 - Present RN (mainly obstetrics)

Hutzel Hospital, Detroit MI

During my time at Hutzel I worked full and part time shifts. I proudly dedicated 1 ½ years to a research project at WSU and a stint at a pediatrician's office.

1973 – Present

Childbirth Educator


Providence Hospital Labor and Delivery for 9 months until I transferred to the Family Birthing Center (currently ABC (Alternative Birthing Center))

1978 - 2001
I spent 23 years at the Family Birthing Center as a staff nurse. During this time, I provided one-on-one nursing care to patients, from admission though discharge. This included labor and birth support, postpartum care, breastfeeding assistance, follow-up calls and home visits. I retired from the Center to become dedicated exclusively to my 'calling' as a Doula/Montrice/Private Duty Labor Support Nurse.

Received BSN from University of Detroit

2001 - Present day
Doula / Montrice / Private Duty Labor Support Nurse

During the span of my career I have observed that hydrotherapy aids in a woman's ability to relax, move freely, and handle the pressures/pain that labor presents. It makes all of the difference in the world. A woman's tolerance level rises with the use of hydrotherapy. It was these experiences that prompted the decision to make my first investment an Aqua Doula (a portable tub).

Heart Tones
My second important investment was a Doppler. This enables me to listen to the baby's heart tones while laboring at the client's home. No matter what position the mom takes or if they are in a tub or shower I can listen to the baby.

Learning From My Own Experiences

I have 3 grown children. My 1st son was a frank breech.
I spent a day and a half in and out of labor at home. Sunday morning I woke up, didn't feel good enough to go to church with contractions 10 minutes apart. Suddenly they were 5 minutes apart, with 3 of them having 1 minute durations. I told my husband "let's go".   I was 5cm when I was admitted to L&D at 3:30 PM . A pelvimetry revealed that there was plenty of room for him to come through the birth canal bottom first and still allow for his head afterward. I was then drugged with Scopolamine (twilight sleep-an amnesiac drug) and Demerol (100 mg - a pain relieving drug). I do not remember much of anything until midnight when someone told me I could 'push'. I answered them with "Push what?" I was in labor for another 3-1/2 hours. I was given gas and they used forceps on his head after his butt was delivered first. After 15-1/2 hours of active labor I had an 8 pound 9-oz. baby boy.

My 2nd child was in a posterior position (looking sunny-side up).
The labor for this one started after a heavy snow storm with an accumulation of eighteen inches.   After shoveling for a short period of time, I developed a backache that grew intense over a short period of time. Upon being admitted to the hospital I was only 2 cm dilated. After an attempted and failed epidural, a small dose (I learned my lesson the 1st time around) of Demerol (25 mg IV/25mg IM) followed by a spinal for the birth; I had an 8 pound 3 ounces boy. My headache from the spinal lasted for 2 months. Every time I sat up the pressure in my head felt tremendous. I would lie down and it would be tolerable. It was quite a challenge caring for my first child and a newborn. The boys were 20 months apart.

With my 3rd child I finally learned how to labor and give birth. My neighbor and I went to a few childbirth education classes that taught relaxation and breathing techniques. I relaxed well, kept moving, listened to my body, and focused inward during each contraction when they became stronger. The labor was on and off throughout the day. When my water broke at 11:30 PM, w e went to the hospital. My internal exam measured 5 cm. The baby was a single footling breech. Labor progressed fairly comfortably until I was at 9cm. Things were a little more intense for about 5-6 contractions; I was then 10 cm and ready to push. I had a successful natural birth of another breech baby (at 1:41AM - 2 hours of active labor) this time with neither pain medication nor anesthesia. My daughter was 7 pounds 6 oz.

The first two babies paved the way for a smoother and faster labor, and prompted me to educate myself about other birthing options.   I found a means and a way.   A year after my 3rd child was born I started teaching childbirth education classes. Education gives one power; the knowledge of options from which to choose.

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